What to Do in Semarang? Here are Some Suggestions for You

The matter of what to do in semarang is a typical subject for any travelers, not unlike what would goes into their mind when it comes to visiting other places in Indonesia. The problem with this, however, is that Semarang is not known as one of the most recommended places in the country for its tourism. This is not to say that the city lacks attractions, but it is not as internationally recognized as Bali and it has yet to see the growth Lombok enjoys in that particular sector of industry. Accommodations are there; hotels from budget to luxury class and resorts with interesting setting are available but Semarang still suffers from lack of exposure not only to the global community but also to domestic tourists as well

This makes it a little hard to pinpoint what to do in semarang info. The available information about attractions in the city is minimal, if not none at all. Documentation about the city may be available in the form of pictures online but that is just about it. This is one of the many roads less traveled in Indonesia that deserves acknowledgement to a higher level. If you want to know about the things you can do while in the city, you need to lower you expectations. See, as mentioned previously, this is nothing like the international-level tourist destination that is the Bali Island. You should not arrive at the city expecting the sort of tropical beaches Bali has in abundance. The city lies next to the sea but its beaches are not that great. Maron Beach probably is one exception but that’s only because the area is mangrove conservation. Instead, you need to shift your focus toward the city where the many landmarks and tourist attractions present themselves as spots that blast you back to the past.

So, what to do in semarang tour? Here are some suggestions to take into consideration when you plan on visiting the city.

  1. Go to the Sam Poo Kong Temple

The temple is a huge complex designed in rich Chinese influence. The complex itself has undergone several renovations while the original site was allegedly established by Admiral Cheng Ho himself.

  1. Admire the design of Great Mosque of Central Java

Intended to be the biggest not only in Semarang but also in the Province of Central Java, the mosque incorporates some architectural designs, ranging from European style to Javanese to Middle Eastern.

  1. LawangSewu is not to be missed

Explore the city’s rich historic past in this site. For a first-timer, the building’s underground prison is a must; it is where the eerie presence of ghosts from the past can be felt—if you’re that sensitive, that is.

  1. The Old Town offers you a tiny slice of retro heaven

Semarang earns its “Little Holland” moniker due to this area, which was indeed built by the Dutch colonials back in the day.

  1. A short trip to Semawis Market turns out to be a long culinary adventure

Semawis is Semarang’s own Chinatown. Here in this area, every certain night is a feast featuring food and souvenirs of Chinese specialty.



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